A New Era of Leadership

My fellow Compatriots,


As you know, I am running for Division Commander. I will not make you extravagant promises and promise you the moon, however, I can promise you that I will put 110% of my effort into this Division to help make it one of the best divisions in the Sons of Confederate Veterans; this includes working many hours with people within the Division and working with other divisions to help coordinate multi-division events in order to help save our heritage. We must work together to save our heritage and in order to fulfill the Charge. As I have stated before, I am much younger than my fellow compatriots that are running against me, however, I have the drive and determination to get things done. I am ready to carry the torch for our generation in the SCV. It is time we start getting younger people involved in the leadership positions of the SCV, and the older members start mentoring those younger members. I believe that having younger leadership and younger people like myself carrying the torch will help encourage younger people to step in and start leading and recruiting people their age and saying “look what we can do. We can lead.” It is time for a New Era of Leadership that can do all the things that need to be done in order to make the SCV last, to save our heritage, but also to be able to fulfill the charge to our best efforts. I am running for Division Commander to help launch the Oklahoma Division and the rest of the Sons of Confederate Veterans into an Era of Younger Leadership; with fresh ideas, fresh minds, and the willingness to move forward and not fear change. I will work for the people of the Oklahoma Division, not only as your leader and servant, but also as your friend, and as a mentor to the younger generation coming in. As I have stated numerous times, we MUST work together and start allowing the younger generation to advance forward and help lead the SCV with new ideas, minds, and the ability to adapt. I look forward to possibly serving you as Oklahoma Division Commander.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and ask them. My email address is masonpage81@yahoo.com .


Sincerest Regards,


Commander Mason K. Page

Col. Dew Moore Wisdom Camp #307

Candidate for OK Division Commander

Sons of Confederate Veterans, OK Division